Updated Listings

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Comedy Central Program Schedule for the Week of June 16 - 22, 2024

Sunday, June 16

6:00 AM    Parks and Recreation: Gin It Up!
6:30 AM    Parks and Recreation: Filibuster
7:00 AM    Parks and Recreation: Recall Vote
7:30 AM    Parks and Recreation: Fluoride
8:00 AM    Parks and Recreation: The Cones of Dunshire
8:30 AM    Parks and Recreation: Second Chunce
9:00 AM    Parks and Recreation: New Beginnings
9:30 AM    Parks and Recreation: Farmers Market
10:00 AM    Parks and Recreation: Ann and Chris
10:30 AM    Parks and Recreation: Anniversaries
11:00 AM    Big Daddy
1:00 PM    Daddy's Home 2
3:00 PM    Big Daddy
5:00 PM    Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story
7:00 PM    The Office: Training Day
7:30 PM    The Office: Michael's Last Dundies
8:00 PM    The Office: Goodbye Michael, Part 1
8:30 PM    The Office: Goodbye Michael, Part 2
9:00 PM    The Office: Inner Circle
9:30 PM    The Office: Dwight K. Schrute, (Acting) Manager
10:00 PM    The Office: Search Committee
10:30 PM    The Office: Search Committee
11:00 PM    The Office: The List
11:35 PM    South Park: Chickenlover
12:10 AM    South Park: Ike's Wee Wee
12:50 AM    South Park: Conjoined Fetus Lady
1:25 AM    South Park: The Mexican Staring Frog of Southern Sri Lanka
2:00 AM    South Park: City on the Edge of Forever
2:30 AM    South Park: Summer Sucks
3:00 AM    South Park: Chef's Salty Chocolate Balls
3:30 AM    South Park: Chickenpox
4:00 AM    South Park: Roger Ebert Should Lay Off the Fatty Foods
4:30 AM    South Park: Clubhouses
5:00 AM    House Stealing - The Latest Cyberthreat and How To Protect Your Home
5:30 AM    Get Fit with Total Gym, Risk Free

Monday, June 17

6:00 AM    House Stealing - The Latest Cyberthreat and How To Protect Your Home
6:30 AM    Paint Like A Pro With Paint Zoom!
7:00 AM    Futurama: Hell Is Other Robots
7:25 AM    Futurama: A Flight to Remember
7:50 AM    Futurama: Mars University
8:10 AM    Futurama: When Aliens Attack
8:35 AM    Futurama: Fry and the Slurm Factory
9:00 AM    Futurama: I Second That Emotion
9:35 AM    Futurama: Brannigan, Begin Again
10:10 AM    South Park: Cow Days
10:45 AM    South Park: Chef Aid
11:15 AM    South Park: Spooky Fish
11:50 AM    South Park: Merry Christmas Charlie Manson!
12:25 PM    South Park: Gnomes
1:00 PM    South Park: Rainforest Schmainforest
1:30 PM    South Park: Spontaneous Combustion
2:00 PM    Seinfeld: The Marine Biologist
2:30 PM    Seinfeld: The Pie
3:00 PM    Seinfeld: The Stand-In
3:30 PM    Seinfeld: The Wife
4:00 PM    Seinfeld: The Raincoats
4:30 PM    Seinfeld: The Raincoats
5:00 PM    Seinfeld: The Fire
5:30 PM    Seinfeld: The Hamptons
6:00 PM    The Office: Fundraiser
6:30 PM    The Office: Turf War
7:00 PM    The Office: Free Family Portrait Studio
7:30 PM    The Office: New Guys
8:00 PM    The Office: Roy's Wedding
8:30 PM    The Office: Andy's Ancestry
9:00 PM    The Office: Work Bus
9:30 PM    The Office: Here Comes Treble
10:00 PM    The Office: The Boat
10:30 PM    The Office: The Whale
11:00 PM    The Daily Show
12:00 AM    South Park: Jakovasaurs
12:30 AM    South Park: Sexual Harassment Panda
1:00 AM    South Park: Chinpoko Mon
1:25 AM    The Daily Show
2:00 AM    South Park: Cat Orgy
2:30 AM    South Park: Two Guys Naked in a Hot Tub
3:00 AM    South Park: Jewbilee
3:30 AM    South Park: Hooked on Monkey Fonics
4:00 AM    South Park: Red Badge of Gayness
4:30 AM    South Park: The Brown Noise
5:00 AM    Car Accident? Free Legal Consultation.
5:30 AM    Cook Family Size Meals Faster

Tuesday, June 18

6:00 AM    Under Eye Bags? SOLUTION!
6:30 AM    Men's Health: All-Natural Secret for Prostate Health
7:00 AM    Futurama: A Head in the Polls
7:25 AM    Futurama: Xmas Story
7:50 AM    Futurama: Why Must I Be a Crustacean in Love?
8:10 AM    Futurama: Put Your Head on My Shoulders
8:35 AM    Futurama: The Lesser of Two Evils
9:00 AM    Futurama: Raging Bender
9:30 AM    Futurama: A Bicyclops Built for Two
10:00 AM    South Park: Cartman's Silly Hate Crime 2000
10:30 AM    South Park: The Tooth Fairy's Tats 2000
11:00 AM    South Park: Quintuplets 2000
11:30 AM    South Park: Timmy 2000
12:00 PM    South Park: Cartman Joins NAMBLA
12:30 PM    South Park: Cherokee Hair Tampons
1:00 PM    South Park: Chef Goes Nanners
1:30 PM    South Park: Something You Can Do With Your Finger
2:00 PM    Seinfeld: The Opposite
2:30 PM    Seinfeld: The Chaperone
3:00 PM    Seinfeld: The Big Salad
3:30 PM    Seinfeld: The Pledge Drive
4:00 PM    Seinfeld: The Chinese Woman
4:30 PM    Seinfeld: The Couch
5:00 PM    Seinfeld: The Gymnast
5:30 PM    Seinfeld: The Soup
6:00 PM    The Office: The Target
6:30 PM    The Office: Lice
7:00 PM    The Office: Suit Warehouse
7:30 PM    The Office: Customer Loyalty
8:00 PM    The Office: Junior Salesman
8:30 PM    The Office: Vandalism
9:00 PM    The Office: Couples Discount
9:30 PM    The Office: Moving On
10:00 PM    The Office: Moving On
10:30 PM    The Office: The Farm
11:00 PM    The Daily Show
11:35 PM    The Daily Show: The Daily Show Presents: Jordan Klepper Fingers the Pulse - Moscow Tools
12:00 AM    South Park: Do the Handicapped Go to Hell?
12:30 AM    South Park: Probably
12:55 AM    South Park: 4th Grade
1:25 AM    The Daily Show
2:00 AM    South Park: Trapper Keeper
2:30 AM    South Park: Helen Keller: The Musical
3:00 AM    South Park: Fat Camp
3:30 AM    South Park: Wacky Molestation Adventure
4:00 AM    South Park: Scott Tenorman Must Die
4:30 AM    South Park: It Hits the Fan
5:00 AM    Ninja Woodfire Outdoor Grill
5:30 AM    Paid Programming

Wednesday, June 19

6:00 AM    Paid Programming
6:30 AM    Paid Programming
7:00 AM    Futurama: How Hermes Requisitioned His Groove Back
7:25 AM    Futurama: A Clone of My Own
7:50 AM    Futurama: The Deep South
8:10 AM    Futurama: Bender Gets Made
8:35 AM    Futurama: The Problem With Popplers
9:00 AM    Seinfeld: The Mom and Pop Store
9:30 AM    Seinfeld: The Secretary
10:00 AM    Seinfeld: The Race
10:30 AM    Seinfeld: The Switch
11:00 AM    Seinfeld: The Scofflaw
11:30 AM    Seinfeld: The Beard
12:00 PM    Seinfeld: The Kiss Hello
12:30 PM    Seinfeld: The Doorman
1:00 PM    Seinfeld: The Jimmy
1:30 PM    Seinfeld: The Doodle
2:00 PM    Seinfeld: The Fusilli Jerry
2:30 PM    Seinfeld: The Diplomats Club
3:00 PM    Seinfeld: The Face Painter
3:30 PM    Seinfeld: The Understudy
4:00 PM    Seinfeld: The Engagement
4:30 PM    Seinfeld: The Postponement
5:00 PM    Seinfeld: The Maestro
5:30 PM    Seinfeld: The Wink
6:00 PM    Seinfeld: The Hot Tub
6:30 PM    Seinfeld: The Soup Nazi
7:00 PM    Seinfeld: The Secret Code
7:30 PM    Seinfeld: The Pool Guy
8:00 PM    Seinfeld: The Sponge
8:30 PM    Seinfeld: The Gum
9:00 PM    Seinfeld: The Rye
9:30 PM    Seinfeld: The Caddy
10:00 PM    Seinfeld: The Seven
10:30 PM    Seinfeld: The Shower Head
11:00 PM    South Park: Cripple Fight!
11:35 PM    South Park: Terrance and Phillip: Behind the Blow
12:10 AM    South Park: Cartmanland
12:50 AM    South Park: Proper Condom Use
1:25 AM    South Park: Towelie
2:00 AM    South Park: Osama bin Laden Has Farty Pants
2:30 AM    South Park: How to Eat With Your Butt
3:00 AM    South Park: The Entity
3:30 AM    South Park: Here Comes the Neighborhood
4:00 AM    South Park: Kenny Dies
4:30 AM    South Park: Butters' Very Own Episode
5:00 AM    Inogen Portable Oxygen - No More Tanks!
5:30 AM    Men's Health: All-Natural Secret for Prostate Health

Thursday, June 20

6:00 AM    Who Stole My Life?
6:30 AM    Jane Seymour, Kate Walsh share their skin secrets
7:00 AM    Futurama: Mother's Day
7:25 AM    Futurama: Anthology of Interest I
7:50 AM    Futurama: The Honking
8:10 AM    Futurama: War Is the H-Word
8:35 AM    Futurama: The Cryonic Woman
9:00 AM    Futurama: Parasites Lost
9:35 AM    Futurama: Amazon Women in the Mood
10:10 AM    South Park: Freak Strike
10:45 AM    South Park: Jared Has Aides
11:15 AM    South Park: Asspen
11:50 AM    South Park: The New Terrance and Phillip Movie Trailer
12:25 PM    South Park: Fun With Veal
1:00 PM    South Park: Red Hot Catholic Love
1:30 PM    South Park: Free Hat
2:00 PM    Seinfeld: The Cadillac
2:30 PM    Seinfeld: The Cadillac
3:00 PM    Seinfeld: The Doll
3:30 PM    Seinfeld: The Friars Club
4:00 PM    Seinfeld: The Wig Master
4:30 PM    Seinfeld: The Calzone
5:00 PM    Seinfeld: The Bottle Deposit
5:30 PM    Seinfeld: The Bottle Deposit
6:00 PM    The Office: Promos
6:35 PM    The Office: Stairmageddon
7:10 PM    The Office: Paper Airplane
7:45 PM    The Office: Livin the Dream
8:20 PM    The Office: Livin the Dream
8:55 PM    The Office: A.A.R.M.
9:30 PM    The Office: A.A.R.M.
10:00 PM    The Office: Finale
10:30 PM    The Office: Finale
11:00 PM    The Daily Show
11:35 PM    South Park: Bebe's Boobs Destroy Society
12:00 AM    South Park: Child Abduction Is Not Funny
12:30 AM    South Park: A Ladder to Heaven
12:55 AM    South Park: The Return of the Fellowship of the Ring to the Two Towers
1:25 AM    The Daily Show
2:00 AM    South Park: The Death Camp of Tolerance
2:30 AM    South Park: The Biggest Douche in the Universe
3:00 AM    South Park: My Future Self 'n' Me
3:30 AM    South Park: Krazy Kripples
4:00 AM    South Park: Toilet Paper
4:30 AM    South Park: Canceled
5:00 AM    CSN Mint
5:30 AM    Men's Health: All-Natural Secret for Prostate Health

Friday, June 21

6:00 AM    Car Repair Secrets!
6:30 AM    Paid Programming
7:00 AM    Futurama: Bendless Love
7:30 AM    Futurama: The Day the Earth Stood Stupid
8:00 AM    Futurama: That's Lobstertainment!
8:30 AM    Futurama: The Birdbot of Ice-Catraz
9:00 AM    Futurama: The Luck of the Fryrish
9:35 AM    Futurama: The Cyber House Rules
10:10 AM    South Park: Fat Butt and Pancake Head
10:45 AM    South Park: Lil' Crime Stoppers
11:15 AM    South Park: Red Man's Greed
11:50 AM    South Park: South Park Is Gay
12:25 PM    South Park: Christian Rock Hard
1:00 PM    South Park: Grey Dawn
1:30 PM    South Park: Casa Bonita
2:00 PM    Seinfeld: The Wait Out
2:30 PM    Seinfeld: The Invitations
3:00 PM    Seinfeld: The Foundation
3:30 PM    Seinfeld: The Soul Mate
4:00 PM    Seinfeld: The Bizarro Jerry
4:30 PM    Seinfeld: The Little Kicks
5:00 PM    Seinfeld: The Package
5:30 PM    Seinfeld: The Fatigues
6:00 PM    The Office: Pilot
6:35 PM    The Office: Health Care
7:10 PM    The Office: The Alliance
7:45 PM    The Office: Basketball
8:20 PM    The Office: Hot Girl
8:55 PM    The Office: The Dundies
9:30 PM    The Office: Sexual Harassment
10:00 PM    The Office: Office Olympics
10:30 PM    The Office: Fire
11:00 PM    South Park: Best Friends Forever
11:30 PM    South Park: The Losing Edge
12:00 AM    Team America: World Police
2:00 AM    South Park: All About Mormons
2:30 AM    South Park: Butt Out
3:00 AM    South Park: Raisins
3:30 AM    South Park: Good Times With Weapons
4:00 AM    South Park: AWESOM-O
4:30 AM    South Park: Up the Down Steroid
5:00 AM    Paint Like A Pro With Paint Zoom!
5:30 AM    Paid Programming

Saturday, June 22

6:00 AM    House Stealing - The Latest Cyberthreat and How To Protect Your Home
6:30 AM    Paid Programming
7:00 AM    Parks and Recreation: The Wall
7:30 AM    Parks and Recreation: New Slogan
8:00 AM    Parks and Recreation: Galentine's Day
8:35 AM    Parks and Recreation: Prom
9:10 AM    Parks and Recreation: Flu Season 2
9:50 AM    Parks and Recreation: One in 8,000
10:25 AM    Parks and Recreation: Moving Up, Part 1
11:00 AM    Parks and Recreation: Moving Up, Part 2
11:30 AM    Parks and Recreation: 2017
12:00 PM    The Office: Halloween
12:30 PM    The Office: The Fight
1:00 PM    The Office: The Client
1:30 PM    The Office: Performance Review
2:00 PM    The Office: E-Mail Surveillance
2:30 PM    The Office: Christmas Party
3:00 PM    The Office: Booze Cruise
3:30 PM    The Office: The Injury
4:00 PM    The Office: The Secret
4:30 PM    The Office: The Carpet
5:00 PM    The Office: Boys and Girls
5:30 PM    The Office: Valentine's Day
6:00 PM    The Office: Dwight's Speech
6:30 PM    The Office: Take Your Daughter to Work Day
7:00 PM    The Office: Michael's Birthday
7:30 PM    The Office: Drug Testing
8:00 PM    The Office: Conflict Resolution
8:30 PM    The Office: Casino Night
9:00 PM    The Office: Gay Witch Hunt
9:30 PM    The Office: The Convention
10:00 PM    The Office: The Coup
10:30 PM    The Office: Grief Counseling
11:00 PM    Wedding Crashers
1:30 AM    Mike Judge's Beavis and Butt-Head: Downward Dumbass; Refuse Service
2:00 AM    Mike Judge's Beavis and Butt-Head: Spiritual Journey
2:30 AM    South Park: You Got...
3:00 AM    South Park: Goobacks
3:30 AM    South Park: The Jeffersons
4:00 AM    South Park: Douche and Turd
4:30 AM    South Park: Something Wall-Mart This Way Comes
5:00 AM    Paid Programming
5:30 AM    Men's Health: All-Natural Secret for Prostate Health